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Project Description

The project is a statistical and ecological trans-disciplinary project organized by students from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in collaboration with the Japanese Wildlife Conservation Society (JWCS). The project will investigate how aware the youth of three Asian regions: Japan, Hong Kong & Macau are with regard to the usage of endangered species in the production of traditional medicines.

The project is partially funded by the HKU Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund.

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Project Activities


Surveying the youth

Surveying and interviewing 500 students in each location from higher institutions in Hong Kong, Japan & Macau.

Generating Content

After gathering sufficient data we would produce a statistical report to the JWCS. We also intend on creating a short video for the purpose of raising awareness about conserving these endangered species by using footage from interviews and from our site visits in Japan.

Raising Awareness

This project will also attempt to raise awareness on the issue by allowing participants to conduct school visits and co-host workshops on conserving species and talking about traditional medicines. In this regard, we will be presenting findings from surveys that we have identified.

Goals & Impact

The goal of this project is to produce a report detailing the awareness of the youth of these three regions with regard to the medicinal usage of endangered animals and also how integral they believe that such a practice is. The report could potentially be used by the JWCS and other Japanese NGOs for the purpose of conserving specific endangered species.


Our Collaborators

  • Japan Wildlife Conservation Society

  • The University of Hong Kong - Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Centre

  • Kokugakuin University, Faculty of Economics, Japan

  • Teikyo University of Science, Faculty of Life & Environmental Sciences, Japan

  • Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan

  • Biodiversity Youth Network

  • British Medical Journal

  • Macao Ecological Society

  • Associação de Farmácia de Medicina Chinesa de Macau


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The Project Team


Andy Vu Ka Hei, Alex Chan Lai Ying, Sherry Zeng Shiyu, Gaby Yung Sum Jing, Chelsea Zaunmayr, Wilhelm Unkelbach, Mandy So Wing Kwan, Pat Lok Cheok Ting


Fergus Tam Yu Kit, Kevin Chiu Ho Ching, Chloe Ching Kwan Kiu, Gabriel Fung, Tiffany Tse Tin Lam, Joanne Wong Chung Yan


Joanne Wong Chung Yan, Jason Siu Yat Hei, Sherry Wong Hiu Ting, Chrissy Ma Kun, Aka Heung Wai Yan, Emi Chan, Mandy So Wing Kwan


Rohan Rajpal, Kandan Sudhakar, Navin Muralidharan, Pat Lok Cheok Ting


Lena Chan Mei Ling